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Thread: new version?

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    Jun 2017

    new version?

    hi, where can i download master league v 1.1 free? in a cart is only 1,0,3.
    I have problem, i cant see "match results", "standings" and "predict" in front page. Even options to set it in back end.
    joomla 3.7

    thank you for reply

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    Jul 2015

    the component is compatible with the Joomla 3.7, can you please provide us the PHP version you are trying the component, so we can investigate the issue?

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    Jun 2017
    PHP 5.6.30. Joomla 3.7.2. in version PHP 7.0 is the same.
    In ZIP folder it was only

    i dont have more mod for front page.

    thank you for your reply.
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