It all started with a pen and paper. Now, communications are made through the wires and the current trend is that advertising is also being made Coo Email List and promoted online. When email was created, it was used not only for interpersonal communication but also for mass communication as well. Products are being promoted via emails that are sent to a large number of people. Then Search engine marketing (SEM) was introduced and it made a whole lot of difference in the online marketing industry as one doesn't have to send individual emails to users online. When search engine marketing was gaining worldwide recognition and turning marketers into SEM converts,

a lot of people thought that search engine marketing would be the sole rival of email. But they were wrong as it proved to be that these two make the perfect couple. Here's the key: When it comes to online communication, email still holds the throne for being effective and widely used. Companies actually have become reliant on their email databases for sales to the point of doing anything to make it grow, including renting or buying un-targeted third party lists. While this email marketing is critical to turning browsers into buyers over time, it only moves to a limited universe. Developing a targeted SEM strategy can help you grow your email database cost-effectively and without the risk of violating the CAN-SPAM compliance. Now let's see how emails and search engine marketing team up to identify prospect clients through an online user's life cycle. Based on the assumption that the target company has something of value to offer in exchange of information, any SEM professional will ensure that pages optimized for search contain calls to action that hopefully involve email capture. Having a good landing page greatly increases email sign ups.

Then, whether or not the visitor purchases or requests information on the first visit, the email connection now enables the site owner to start a dialog with the visitor, building a relationship leading to purchase. However, many surfers are hesitant to provide any information unless they China Email List are sure about it, thus, this is where SEM works: strong visibility for relevant topics in search results will show up that increases the possibility that prospects will continue on the path and eventually provide information once their questions are addressed. On email, companies are able to send personalized messages with relevant information according to the questions raised by the prospect.