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Thread: Phrases..

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    Question Phrases..

    Where do I change the text/phrase...

    You need to log in to play the game

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    Hello Hibees,

    with an ftp client like filezilla, connect to your website ftp and from the root Joomla folder, go to the following folders:language > en-GB and find the file: "en-GB.com_multileague.ini"
    The entry you are looking for is: COM_MULTILEAGUE_PROMPT_LOGIN="You needto log in to play the game"

    Similarly, you can edit other phrases in this file.

    If however, you need to change the phrases to another language(translation), then you should make a copy of the above file in the languagefolder you wish and also change the language part of the file name.
    e.g: If you need to make translation in Polish, you should copy the above filein the language folder: pl-PL and then edit the name of the file like:"pl-PL.com_multileague.ini"

    Let us know if you need further assistant.
    Support Operator

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    Thank you Nikos.

    That is excellent.



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