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Add-on installation

  1. Unzip the file you download after the purchase
  2. Upload the files that got extracted to your CS-Cart directory
  3. Login to your administration panel and move through the top menu "Add-ons"->"Manage add-ons"
  4. Find the Skroutz XML Feed add-on and click "Install"

Add-on Manual

Basic Configuration

  1. Set the language you use in your store (English or Greek)
  2. Set the minimum price of the products you wish to appear in your product feed
  3. Set the minimum amount of the products you wish to appear in your product feed
  4. Select the Manufacturer Feature
  5. If you wish to export the Size select the Size Option
  6. If you products does not include Tax then add the tax rate

Extra Configuration

You can remove a product from your feed by unchecking the option "Use in XML export". You can find this option at "Admin Panel"->"Products"->"Products"->"select the desired product"->"Addon Tab" under the "Products to XML". You can also set the availability text of the product and the product Part Number


The URL of the product feed is at the location "*your cs-cart location*/?dispatch=xml_feed" for Skroutz and "*your cs-cart location*/?dispatch=xml_feed&format=bestprice" for bestprice