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  1. Unzip the folder in your home directory
  2. Open settings.json
  3. Insert your setting:
    • host: your streaming host (ip or name) with http//
    • port: your streaming port (only the number)
    • mountpoint: streaming mount point without '/'
    • server_type: insert "icecast" or  "shoutcast"
    • station_logo: Upload your logo to /popup-player/assets/images/ and insert the path to station_logo
  4. Open /popup-player/assets/js/scripts.js and in line 13 change INSERT URL with your Url
  5. Add the following link to yout index file (<a href='popup-player/' target='_blank' onclick='"popup-player/","Radio PopUp Player","width=790,height=575")'>Open Pop Up Player</a>)