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Radio Listen Now PopUp

Module that creates a nice looking popup window for your radio player plus a lot more features! No more streaming interruptions for your visitors with in-page players!

  • Joomla 2.5
  • Joomla 3.X
  • Module

Radio Listen Now PopUp Joomla Addon For Your Radio Station!

Module Feature List:

    • Nice, 99% compatible Radio Player.
    • Current Song & Artist with album cover. If no album cover available, then station logo is shown.
    • Active Listeners (fake or real) Ability to choose between a range of listeners.
    • Recently Played Tracks.
    • Easy upload of radio station logo
    • Advertisment space (fixed dimensions).
    • Social Network buttons for Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus.
    • 1 skin available at V.2.0 version. More to come on next versions!.
    • Easy upload of "listen now" image that will then create the popup window.
    • Supports Shoutcast-I, Shoutcast-II and Icecast.
    • Choice between html5 and flash player.
    • Support of multiple streaming radios popups.
    • AAC+ support on flash players.

Note: Some times, streaming servers & softwares can be strick. For example, your hosting server's firewall could block the "recent tracks" info. Feel free to send us your streaming info, in order we test the module for you and let you know before purchase, if the module will be fully functioning for you. (support @ )

Note: Google Chrome dosen't support Shoutcast 1 protocol after Version 54.

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