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Module Installation

To install the module "Current Program", click Extension manager from the Extensions drop-down list. Now you have to find the file in your computer by clicking Select File from the Upload Package File section and then find your file. When you are done,click Upload & Install. You can also choose to install your module from Directory or URL, from the other two sections below.

Notes: The same way,you can install the component Program Schedule

Enable Module

To enable the module, click Module Manager from the Extensions drop-down list or simply select the rising flyer called Module Manager. On the next screen, write "Current" inside the field Filter and click Search. Now click on the red ring and when it changes to a green tick, the module is enabled.

Add Broadcaster

To add a broadcast/program, go to add-program from the sub-menu program-schedules inside drop-down list Components. On the following page(Program Schedule[Add Program]), you can see titles (such as Program Name(*),BroadCaster Name(*),etc.) and empty fields. Complete those fields with the desired names,links and times and choose a picture for the broadcaster. Also, check the boxes for the days on which the program will be broadcasted. Attention !!! Set the time using the character " : " for a separator. Do not use " . " or any other character because time will not be displayed correctly. Also, use 24 hour format and avoid a.m., p.m.

Note:Be sure to configure the joomla server time jone by going to Global Configuration -> Server -> Location Settings, so the component shows the correct time. In case, Joomla time is not the correct time, you have to create a file named php.ini inside root folder, including the following line: date.timezone = "Europe/your city"
e.g. date.timezone = "Europe/Berlin"

Why is not the Current Song being displayed?

Please contact your hosting provider and ask him to enable the streaming port in the server's firewall.