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Component Installation

To install the component "Radio Station Complete Kit", click Extension manager from the Extensions drop-down list. Now you have to find the file in your computer by clicking Select File from the Upload Package File section and then find your file. When you are done,click Upload & Install. You can also choose to install your module from Directory or URL, from the other two sections below.

Upgrade Component

To upgrade the component repeat the installation process , note that every custom change you have made to the code will be deleted , so consider creating a backup before you update.

Component Configurations

To configure the component click Station Kit CP from the Components Drop-down menu.


A default schedule is already created for you.
You can edit the existing or create a new one.

You have to insert a name for the schedule , you can also change the colors of the schedule from the "Appearence" tab.


A default broadcaster is already created for you.
You can set description , social links and images for the broadcasters


To create a program navigate click on "Programs" in side menu and click the button New.
Enter the name of the program , select the broadcasters of the program and the schedule you want this program to appaer.
Select the days that you want the program to appear and the time of the day that the program is live (HH:MM format).

Add the schedule to your website

To add the schedule to your website you will have to create a menu-item , click Menus and select the desired menu you want the schedule to appear, "add new menu item" Add the menu title and select , the Menu Item Type MRSK - > Schedule , then navigate to the schedule Options to select which schedule to appear and which layout you want to use.