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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We strongly believe that you will be completely satisfied with our services. Our aim is to make you part of our growing MultiHosting Community, by providing professional and reliable high quality services.

In any case you are not full satisfied with our services, we offer a 30 days money back guarantee. We provide full refund, via your payment gateway or via credits.

Service Cancelation and Refund details
clock and calendar 9588In order to cancel your account and request a refund, you need to open a ticket to our accounts department.  In your ticket, please provide the reasons that made you request a refund. For the first 10 days after your order, we ask nothing, we fully refund immediately as requested. 

After the 10 days period, we ask you to provide the reason that you ask for a refund. In order to get the refund, there must be some tickets by you, during the guarantee period, where you mention incompatibilities or any kind of issues, caused by our support department or by our servers, hardware, softeware, network.

Money Back Guarantee is provided for the below services:

1. Web Hosting (shared servers)
2. Reseller Hosting
3. Mail Hosting
4. Web Radio Streaming Services
5. Video Streaming Services

The below are not included in the 30 days guarantee:
1. Domains
2. SSL Certificates
3. IPs.
4. Possible setup fees. (for example vps installation)

5. The days we offered the services (for example, if you have prepaid for a 12month plan and have used 20 days, you will get refund for 11 months and 10 days)


Guarantees for softwares, web addons developed by MultiHosting

instant setup 128px pngWe offer 5 days full money back guarantee for all Joomla addons, Whmcs, Cscart or other software addons. In order to provide full refund, we need tickets opened at these 5 days with some evidence of software incompatibily at your website.

Since most of our addons are Open-Source, we cannot offer further guarantees, so as to protect our work and also avoid malicious actions by people that want to get our softwares for free, with the "method" of refund. (unfortunately, this is a common practive)!

For full refund, through your gateway or via credits, open a support ticket at our Accounts Dept.