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100% Lifetime FREE Radio Streaming

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48 kbps 10 simultaneous 24/7 Ticket Support Centova Cast
Free Radio Streaming is a fully functional service that comes with:
  • Powerfull Centova Cast Panel - Latest Version.
  • Graphical Statistics Panel.
  • 100% Free Support with tickets.
  • Relay Feature.
  • Stream/Listener Status.
  • High compatibility will all streaming softwares (Jazzler, Sam Broadcaster, Winamp e.t.c.)

High Quality Radio Streaming Plans

Streaming50 Listeners100 Listeners200 Listeners
32 kbps 4,5€/mo 9€/mo 18€/mo
48 kbps 6,5€/mo 13€/mo 26€/mo
64 kbps 8,5€/mo 17€/mo 34€/mo
96 kbps 12€/mo 24€/mo 48€/mo
128 kbps 20€/mo 40€/mo 80€/mo

Dedicated Streaming Servers

StreamingListenersRadio StationsStreaming PanelAutoDjStatisticsStream Type
Any quality up to 192kbps Unlimited 1 - 25 up to your needs Centova Cast Icecast | Shoutcast V.1, V.2
30 Days Guarantee

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