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Thread: Total Points in other language

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    Total Points in other language


    Is there a way to change the text Συνολικοί πόντοι to Total Points when viewing a players stats ?
    It shows if a player is in the Championship.

    Regards Steve

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    Jul 2015

    Thanks for submitting this issue, there is missing the translation for that text, you can change the text in the file

    <joomla installation>/com_masterleaguepro/site/views/playerprediction/tmpl/default.php

    Line 308: <td><strong>Συνολικοί πόντοι</strong></td>


    <td><strong><?php echo jText::_("COM_MASTERLEAGUE_TOTAL_POINTS"); ?></strong></td>

    or you can add any text you want instead.

    The fix will be included in the new version

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have changed code and now displays correctly.


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