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Thread: Gf, ga, gd

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    Gf, ga, gd

    Please can someone tell me how the GF, GA, GD works. I can see the GD is the sum of GF and GA. Think I'm missing something very simple.

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    the GF is the count of correct predictions of Home Scores and the GA is the count of correct predictions of Away Score

    match 1: 1-1
    match 2: 5-3
    match 3: 0-0

    example 1:
    user predictions:
    match 1: 1-1 // GF=1, GA=1
    match 2: 4-3 // GF=-1,GA=1
    match 3: 1-1 // GF=-1,GA=-1

    total: GF=-1,GA=1

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    Many thanks for the info, understand it now

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