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Thread: Radio Listen pop-up

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    Radio Listen pop-up

    Problem with receiving stream from shoutcast. I have several Players installed and all work reasonably well but I was hopeful this one would be the one to settle with. Unfortunateley it looks better than it performs at present. No sounds at all.
    Maybe its the setting up that is not right, some help would be appreciated. the shoutcast address is

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    It seems to be a settings problem indeed. your streaming URL is misleading to think that it is a shoutcast server, while in reality it is an icecast server (
    So, the module settings should be like:
    Select type of player : HTML 5
    Streaming server IP/URL :
    The port of the streaming server : 8300
    Select a server : Icecast New version
    Select stream codec : MP3
    Stream id/mount point : /live

    Hope that helps.
    Support Operator

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    Thanks for the solution working, OK now

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