Radio Listen Now PopUp Joomla Addon For Your Radio Station!

Module that creates a nice looking popup window for your radio player plus a lot more features! No more streaming interruptions for your visitors with in-page players!

V1.5 Detailed Description

  • Nice, 99% compatible Radio Player.
  • Current Song & Artist with album cover. If no album cover available, then station logo is shown.
  • Active Listeners (fake or real) Ability to choose between a range of listeners.
  • Recently Played Tracks
  • Easy upload of radio station logo
  • Advertisment space (fixed dimensions).
  • Social Network buttons for Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus.
  • 1 skin available at V.1.0 version. More to come on next versions!
  • Easy upload of "listen now" image that will then create the popup window.
  • Supports Shoutcast-1, Shoutcast-II and Icecast.