We are proud to announce the new release of Master League Pro Joomla Component.

You can simply download the new version and install it as any other component in Joomla.

Upgrade Instructions:
Simply install the new version. This will override the old one.
1. DO NOT uninstall the current version!
2. In case you have made custom changes in core files or in Css, these will be lost and you ll need to re-apply them.
3. Always backup first!

New Features/ChangeLog of 1.0.6 Version.

  • Added option for Championsleague with custom players picked by admin,
  • Added Trophies for winners

a) Trophies automaticly inserted for Champions Leagues winner.
b) Trophies mannually inserted by admin for League winner.

  • Added new page - User Profile with the below information:

a) Statistics
b) Champions leagues history
c) League history
d) Trophy history

  • Point System is enchased so as you can have many options that will cover various sports and a big variation of points for math winners.

We hope you enjoy the new version!
Dev Team,