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Tag Trends

A Complete solution for your Joomla to manage and keep statistics for your tags that are used in core Joomla articles and K2 Items.

AlphaIndex Dictionaries

A Complete solution for your Joomla to create a alphaindex sort catalog or a dictionary dased on word / letter compination

Radio Station Kit

A Complete solution for your Joomla Web Radio! Radio Schedule, Broadcasters, Popup Player, Top 10 songs with youtube player and more! Everything that a Radio Station website needs!

Radio Listen Now PopUp

Module that creates a nice looking popup window for your radio player plus a lot more features! No more streaming interruptions for your visitors with in-page players!

Master-League Free

Fun sports game for predicting scores of matches and competing other users on the league. Modules included, like top players, top rated players, top players form etc. It comes with a custom point system that can be adjusted in prediction of many sports.

Master-League Pro

The famous sports game for predicting scores and competing other users on the league. The Pro Version comes with a promotion-relegation system and a Champions-Leagues addon with group stage and knock out games.

Radio Schedule

A Joomla 2.5x & 3.0x addon that helps you organise and show your radio station weekly & daily schedule in a stunning way! The components comes with a module for "who is broadcasting now".

Advanced Server Status

With Advanced Server Status you can monitor servers, enter custom server groups, choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group, show the current % uptime of each server.

Abuse Center

Abuse Center is a whmcs addon that monitors Database size, Inodes, CPU executions. For admins, it gives an abuse report history for each client/product. For clients, it shows a “resolution center” in the client area, with reports of abuses. Manual abuse issues can also be created, for anything like hacked sites, phising sites etc.

Brands Alpha Index

The addon shows all brands of your CS-Cart store in an alphabetically ordered catalog. There is also an Alpha Index Directory for easy navigation. It is a good looking, user friendly way to let customers find all the brands of your shop, and select products by Brand.

Winbank Payment

Expand your e-shop payment methods, with Piraeus Winbank payment method

Eurobank Payment

Expand your e-shop payment methods, with Eurobank Cardlink 3D Secure payment method

Skroutz Easy

Skroutz registration button for CS-Cart, users can register to your e-shop without password, the address details will be provided by Skroutz

Skroutz Feed XML

Product Feed for Skroutz and Bestprice