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Advanced Server Status

With Advanced Server Status you can monitor servers, enter custom server groups, choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group, show the current % uptime of each server. The addon is based on the default Whmcs Server Status script.

  • Whmcs Addon
  • Whmcs 5x & 6x Compatible
  • 1 year free support& updates

Addon Feature List:

  • Automated refresh of page, every x seconds (you can choose this via admin panel).
  • You can create unlimited custom groups of servers that you want to monitor (for example: cpanel servers, plesk servers, streaming servers etc).
  • You can choose which servers you want to add in each group.
  • You can choose which ports you want to be monitored in each group.
  • You can add unlimited new ports to be monitored, in each different group of servers.
  • There are 3 signs, green (for services that are online), grey (for services that are not monitored in a specific group), red (for services that currently have a downtime).
  • (%) Percentage of uptime is added, so as you can show to your clients the real % of each server.
  • Cron job in order old records of database to be deleted, so as to avoid huge amount of records in your database.
  • Easy install and setup in minutes.
  • User friendly interface in admin area.

Our Development team has experience in Whmcs since 2007. We fully test all addons and use then for the needs of our company before taking them public for sale. See also Advanced Contacts with Custom Fields and Abuse Center for Whmcs

*Depending on your country, 23% VAT maybe included.