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Module Installation

In order to install the module follow the steps described bellow:

  1. COPY the folder "modules" into the
  2. COPY advanced_serverstatus.php into
  3. COPY advanced_serverstatus.tpl into /templates//

Enable and Activate Module:

  1. Login to your
  2. Select from the menu bar Setup -> Addon Modules. Find Advanced Server status and activate it.
  3. Select configure, insert your active license key and and select your admin role groups to permit access to this module. After that click save.
  4. Select from the menu bar addons and from the list select the addon.

Configure Module

You must follow 4 steps:

  1. Edit CoConfigure module
    • Set the values according your needs and add the cron job in your server.
    • After thar click save.
  2. Manage Ports
    • Select Add New Port
    • Difine the port and give a name.
    • Select if the admins must be notified for downtime.d) After that click save.
  3. Manage Groups
    • Select Add New Group.
    • Give a name to the group and add the servers you wish.
    • After that click save.
  4. Edit Ports For Server
    • Select which ports will be enabled (based on the names you gave in step 2b) for each of your server(based on the groups you have defined in step 3b).
    • Click save.