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  1. Extract the entire content of the archive in your cs-cart installed directory
  2. In admin area, go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons → Browse all available add-ons
  3. From the list find Brands Alpha Index and click install

Configure Brands Index Alpha on front page:

  1. Go to Design → Layouts
  2. Create new placeholder for the add-on link to show
  3. Add new block in the placeholder and click Create New Block
  4. From the list click HTML block with Smarty
  5. Give the name Brands Index Alpha
  6. In content section create a link to add-on(index.php?dispatch=brandsalphaindex.brands) like the above code:  

<a href='{"index.php?dispatch=brandsalphaindex.brands"|fn_url}'><img src='images/logos/1/brands.png' alt='brands' /></a>