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  1. Unzip the file you download after the purchase
  2. Upload the two folders extracted, to your CS-Cart root directory
  3. Insert the following record at cscart_payment_processors table, in database:
    processor_id = (Id must be greater than 1000)
    • In case id is smaller than 1000, set value at 1000
    • In case id is greater than 1000, set next value than the greatest (i.e. if id=1003, set value to 1004)
  4. Proceed to next section to create the payment method

Create new payment method for Eurobank:

  1. Go to menu Administration -> Payment Methods
  2. Click + (Add payment method)
  3. In the tab shown:
    • Set Name to Eurobank
    • Processor, select Eurobank from the list box
    • Template, let it disabled
    • Payment category, select Credit card from list box
    • In the next sections select what meets your criteria
  4. Click configuration from current tab menu and set the values with the values that bank gave to you
  5. At last click save and Eurobank payment method will appear at payment methods