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Module Installation

To install the module "Radio Listen Now Popup", click Extension manager from the Extensions drop-down list. Now you have to find the file in your computer by clicking Select File from the Upload Package File section and then find your file. When you are done,click Upload & Install. You can also choose to install your module from Directory or URL, from the other two sections below.

Enable Module

To enable the module, click Module Manager from the Extensions drop-down list or simply select the rising flyer called Module Manager. On the next screen, write "Current" inside the field Filter and click Search. Now click on the red ring and when it changes to a green tick, the module is enabled.

Module Configurations

  • You can find the configurations of the module at the Basic Options panel.
  • You can select two type of players Flash and HTML5.(Flash supports AAC+).
  • At the option Streaming server IP/URL be carefull to not set any backslash at the end of the text.
  • At the option The port of the streaming server do not set ":" just the port number
  • At the option Select a server choose your type of stream server.
  • The option Stream id/mount point is only mandatory at Shoutcast v2 and Icecast stream server for Shoutcast v2 write the number of the stream e.g. 2 for Icecast write the mount point e.g /autodj
  • FAQ

    • The module doesnt show me the current playing song but i can hear the music playing.
      1. Make sure that the allow_fopen_url php setting is ON
      2. Ask your hosting provider to open the TCP Out ports of your streaming port.
      3. e.g if your stream address is 123.456.789.321:8001 then you will required to open the TCP port 8001
    • I can't hear the music playing.
    • Check for mistakes in the IP/URL and the port of the streaming server .
    • All the settings are OK but the module don't work